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I am a co-owner and tattoo artist at Aquanaut Tattoo in Rocklin, Ca.

We opened our doors on 12-13-14 and are open during remodel. I've been tattooing since 2001 and look forward to a long and rewarding career! I am happily married to a beautiful woman, Stefanie, and I find new reasons to fall in love with her every day. We’ve been married since February 2, 2002 (02-02-02!) and have three great kids named Tonio, Jayda and Jaxton, who make life eventful at a neck-breaking pace! We tend have a pretty active family life thanks to Stef, who organizes everything we do. All I do is help when I can and go to work; she is the one who holds everything together. We’ve reached some recent milestones as a family and plan to achieve more in the near future. We have committed to tackling one major event a month with the kids whether it’s a daycation or weekend trip, we have tackled zoos, caverns, aquariums, fairs, ocean trips and have a long list of other places to go. So browse the picture albums on my Facebook to see where we’ve been, but check regularly because we always have something in the works!

In regards to my tattooing career, I have been lucky to have come so far in such a short time. I started tattooing when my wife bought my first tattoo machine for my 19th birthday, so I have her to thank for where I am! My specialties span a variety of genres from portraits, to traditional; grey wash to vibrant color. I use predominantly Fusion Inks and Waverly for black and grey but plan to try different sets to expand the look of my color spectrum. I prefer to do custom work but I am not opposed to doing a tattoo based on a drawing that holds something personal for the client. While at my former shop (Red Dragon Tattoo) we achieved various acclaim including the front page and “Best of the Best” of our local news paper, The Placer Herald. We had also earned Top 5 Tattoo Shop in the Sacramento area for 2009 and 2010 through KCRA 3’s A-List. Aquanaut plans to contribute to various local charities. As a whole, we strive for perfection and over-all sterilization and maintain a 100% accordance with the county health department under the current legal code ab300.

To see the tattoos that I have done, check out my portfolio here or on any of my other accounts that you can find either though links on this profile including Instagram @azolina3 or by searching for “azolina3” on

If you are a new customer you can send me any pictures you may have and/or your ideas of what you're looking to get. To book the appointment I'll need you to stop by the shop to leave a $40 deposit that goes toward the last session of your tattoo, that is if your tattoo takes more than a single session. My personal rate is $135 an hour and my minimum is $70 if it takes thirty minutes or less. 

My schedule is: 
Monday off 
- noon to 8pm
Wednesday - noon to 8pm 
- noon to 8pm 
- noon to 8pm
Sunday off 

We don't need to schedule an appointment for you to stop by for a quick consultation or the leave a deposit so feel free to stop by whenever I'm in.

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